Objectives of IBD

  1. To carry out Research & Business Development of bioproduct through innovative processes by:-

    • focusing on high end fundamental research with novelty and impactful publications.
    • providing and designing market driven bioproducts that benefits society and economy.
    • offering consultancy & contract research services through utilization of our Technological Platforms ; Bioprocessing, Herbal & Pytochemical and Biovalidation.
    • utilizing semi industrial scale process equipment with flexibility support for Process & Product
      Development, Process Scaling Up, Plant Optimization & Troubleshooting.
  1. To produce highly qualified human capital through Life Long Learning by :-

    • providing an extensive training in the level of Professional Short Courses & Certificate Level Programmes in the scope of Biotechnology, Herbal Industry, Holistic Therapy & Wellness Industry.
      • organizing courses related to Process & Plant Technology for Engineers and Plant Operators in an in-house mode scheme.
        • offering postgraduate programme in the level of Masters & PhD for biotechnology and plant technology sector.

Institute of Bioproduct Development (IBD) is a Centre of Excellence focused on Research, Development and Commercialization of innovative bioproducts to support and elevate the nation’s wellness industry. It assists in developing high value components and processing technology for industries such as nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, phytochemicals, flavour and fragrance, food ingredients, probiotics and biofertilizers.
IBD is equipped with multi-purpose facilities and manned by a group of highly skilled multi-disciplinary experienced personnel. Research and development are carried out in ISO certified laboratories. IBD serves its customers to develop bioproducts through a complete process and product development platform. IBD is located at UTM Johor Bahru, strategically near to the state administrative centre – Nusajaya.