Spray Dryer

NOTE : Universities, Research Institutions and Private Companies are invited to utilise the available equipment for the purpose of PROCESS AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, SCALINGUP PROCESSES, TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY AND ECONOMIC VIABILITY STUDIES, PRODUCT ANALYSIS AND QUALITY CONTROL.

For further information and equipment availability and rental rates, please contact Engineering Services Department Mr. mohamad saat at +607- 55 32501 (mohamad@ibd.utm.my)



30 litre/hr

Operating Temperature

Up to 300°C


Spray drying is a commonly used method of drying a liquid feed through a hot gas. The liquid feed varies depending on the material being dried.

The liquid feed is pumped through an atomiser device that produces fine droplets into the main drying chamber. The spray dryer is equipped with two type atomiser, two fluid nozzle and rotary atomizer.  By using two fluid nozzle, compressed air is used to help atomizing where as in rotary atomizer the feed is atomized with the help of spinning wheel which rotate up to 30,000 rpm.

The hot drying gas can be passed through the chamber meet the fine fed droplet.  The water from the droplet will evaporised and leaving the solid content in the form of powder.  The powder and water vapor will then go to a cyclone separator in which the powder will be separated from the water vapour and hot air.

Spray drying is the most widely used industrial process involving particle formation and drying. The spray dryer at IBD is extensively used to process herbal extract.  Almost all Malaysian popular herbs has been processed with success.

The spray drying operation at IBD is located in clean room area. The procedure and installation meet the requirement of GMP.  We can ensure that the products process are clean and hygienic.