AWARDS AND RECOGNITION FOR IBD UTM DURING BIOMALAYSIA 2017, BIG WINS for Excellent Skin Repair : Androex for Wound Healing

Congratulation to IBD Reasearchers

2017 International Symposium toward the Future of Advanced Researches in Shizuoka University

Congratulations to UTM student , Mrs Siti Hajar Mat Sarip won the Best Poster Award for the most outstanding presentation in this 2017 International Symposium toward the Future of Advanced Researches in Shizuoka University.



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SAKURA Exchange Program in Science

Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science)

7 postgraduate students from Institute Bioproduct Development, IBD, UTM has participated in the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science at Shizuoka University Japan from 12th Feb to 4th March 2017. The program is financially sponsored by the JST Japan Science and Technology Agency valued at RM9,000 per student and hosted by Shizuoka University under the supervision of Prof Enoch Y. Park and his faculty members. The selection of IBD’s postgraduate students was made possible by the mutual R&D collaboration innitiated by Prof Enoch Y. Park and Prof Dr Hesham El-Enshasy, UTM IBD’s Assistant Director in Research and Innovation.

SAKURA Exchange Program in Science objective is to capitalize on exchanges between Asia and Japan of the youths who will play a crucial role in the future field of science and technology through the close collaboration of industry-academia-government by facilitating short-term of competent Asian youths to Japan. This program aims at raising the interest of Asian youth toward the leading Japanese science and technologies at Japanese universities, research institutions and private companies.

For UTM IBD’s participants, the program specifically provides an avenue for the participants to be exposed with the practices of Japanese fermentation and food industry in which Japan is known to be amongst the most innovative worldwide. In addition they had to undergo lectures and R&D practical sessions on microbial isolation.

Shizuoka University’s Hamamatsu Campus, houses the RIE, Faculties of Engineering and Informatics, and Research division of Energy of the Research Institute of Green Science and Technology (RIGST). The program involves a visitation to the Energy Research Division of the RIGST headed by Prof. Saito in which the participants were given lectures and practical training and an interesting study on fluid dynamics and cicada or ant, laser technology and energy production. The knowledge was further streghten when experts from agriculture fundamental research, plant breeding, mushroom research and gene expression was in attendance to share their best practices.

In conjuction to the program, Shizuoka University organized the International Symposium toward the Future of Advanced Researches on the 27th February 2017. The participants took part in presenting both poster and oral sessions based on their individual research progress and findings in the area of Biotechnology and Agriculture. Ms Siti Hajar Mat Sarip triumphed under the Best Poster competition and won first place for her presentation entitled “Formulation of a Stable and Efficacious Insecticidal Nanoemulsion of Lauric Acid”. Prof Dr Hesham El-Enshasy was also in attendance as an invited speaker and exercised his role as a Scientific Advisor to the Symposium.

To conclude, the 21 day program was deemed as a success for both UTM IBD and Shizuoka University Japan and proves to be impactful in which continueing programs have been planned for the rest of 2017. The program bodes well with UTM and IBD’s internationalisation strategy in providing a value-added experience to its postgraduate students.

Dr Mariani Abdul Hamid, Felo Penyelidik IBD di Hmetro

Dr Mariani Abdul Hamid, Felo Penyelidik IBD didalam bidang pengkhususan formulasi dan pembangunan kosmetik berkongsi pendapat mengenai pentingnya kesedaran pengguna untuk memilih kosmetik yang selamat, berkualiti dan diiktiraf oleh KKM.

“Pasaran negara kini dilambakkan dengan pelbagai jenama produk kecantikan. Jika dulu, hanya iklan jenama import muncul di kaca televisyen, tetapi kini produk kecantikan tempatan dapat bersaing dengan iklan jenama luar dari segi kekerapan siaran.

Tidak dinafikan usahawan mendapat hasil lumayan daripada jualan produk kepada pengguna yang mendambakan kecantikan, sesetengahnya tanpa risaukan kandungan bahannya. Pengusaha pula tidak mengenal usia, malah golongan muda seawal 20-an pun berjaya menjadi pengeluar.

Tidak hairan jika ia menimbulkan keraguan di hati sesetengah pihak. Sejauh manakah ilmu dan kefahaman pengusaha dalam bidang formulasi bahan produk kecantikan serta kesannya?

Menurut Ketua Penyelidik Kosmeseutikal dan Wangian Institut Pembangunan Bioproduk Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (IBD UTM), Dr Mariani Abdul Hamid, 39, kebanyakan pengusaha di negara ini bergantung kepada pihak lain untuk membuat kajian. Produk kosmetik mereka dihasilkan di kilang berstatus GMP yang diberi hak oleh kerajaan untuk menawarkan perkhidmatan membantu usahawan berminat mengeluarkan produk di bawah jenama sendiri.

Kilang itu menawarkan perkhidmatan secara kontrak pengilangan atau OEM melalui kerjasama pintar antara usahawan dan pengilang dalam menghasilkan produk berdasarkan formulasi, kajian dan bahan mentah yang diperakui lebih awal.”..


KARNIVAL PENDIDIKAN DAN USAHAWAN KO JELOBAK KO JELOBU PROGRAM LIBATSAMA KOMUNITI UTM@NICE’17 pada 22 Januari 2017 majlis perasmian penutup akan dirasmikan oleh YAB Dato’ Seri Rosmah binti Mansor, isteri YAB Perdana Menteri pada jam 3.00 petang.





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Dr. Zainul Akmar Zakaria Invited as a Speaker

Dr. Zainul Akmar Zakaria successfully participated as Invited Speaker in two conferences in India. In the first conference (International Conference on Current Trends In Biotechnology, held in VIT Vellore, Tamil Nadu, 8-10 Dec 2016), Dr . Zainul presented a paper entitled “Growth improvement of banana and oil palm seedlings using locally isolated nitrogen fixing and phosphate-solubilizing bacteria”. In the second conference (International Conference on Strategies for Environmental Protection & Management, ICSEPM’16, held in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 11-13 Dec 2016), which was held subsequently after the conclusion of ICCB’16, the delivered talk was entitled “Optimization of pyroligneous acid from palm kernel shell and its antimicrobial and antibiofilm properties’. For the record, Dr. Zainul was part of the 30 International Invitees for both conferences.
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Working visit lead MPOB’s Product Development and Advisory Services Department

working visit lead by Prof. Dr. Mohamad Roji Sarmidi was held on the 5th December 2016 to MPOB’s Product Development and Advisory Services Department to touch base and further explore collaboration opportunities. It was a follow up to a recent jointly organised seminar between IBD and MPOB entitled MPOB University Technical Seminar  (Mtecs) conducted at UTM Johor Bahru in October 2016. Ms Rosidah Radzian, the Director Product Development and Advisory Services Department (PD&ASD) and her team of researchers was present to share her insights and the area of collaboration that would mutually benefit both entities.  In summary, both parties were keen to start off a feasable project in the area of nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, animal feed and for IBD to assist on the commercialization aspect of their R&D base products.  The motivation behind the collaboration is to synergize R&D efforts mainly in the area of bioproducts that is inline with our national agenda and most importantly impacting our society in general.


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Congratulation to IBD students on receiving scholarship

Congratulation to IBD students on receiving scholarship

1) Seri Elyanie Zulkifli (Candidate for M.Phil in BioProcess Engineering) – Scholarship from GSAS, MPOB (2016-2018)
2) Zainab Rabiu (Candidate for Ph.D Chemical Engineering) – Scholarship from International Doctorate Fellowship, UTM – Sem 1, 2016/2017

IBD Staff representing IBD and UTM to the Philippine Society For Cell Biology .Inc held at La Salle Uni, Philippines

Dr Rosnani and Dr Harisun representing IBD and UTM as Invited Speaker to the Philippine Society For Cell Biology .Inc  held at La Salle Uni, Philippines

20-21 Oct 2016

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