“A Half Day Seminar on Microbes & Nutrition in Human Life”

By admin, August 16, 2018

“A Half Day Seminar on Microbes & Nutrition in Human Life”

Date       :     16th August 2018  (Thursday)

Time      :      9.00 am – 1.00 pm

Venue    :     Auditorium Perdana IBD, Blok N23A

                     Institut Pembangunan Bioproduk,

                     UTM Johor Bahru, Johor

DSC_0521 (Large) DSC_0529 (Large) DSC_0530 (Large) DSC_0531 (Large) DSC_0533 (Large) DSC_0534 (Large) DSC_0589 (Large) DSC_0590 (Large) DSC_0591 (Large) DSC_0592 (Large) DSC_0594 (Large) DSC_0654 (Large) DSC_0656 (Large) DSC_0657 (Large) DSC_0658 (Large) DSC_0659 (Large) DSC_0660 (Large) DSC_0661 (Large) DSC_0662 (Large) DSC_0663 (Large) DSC_0664 (Large) DSC_0665 (Large) DSC_0666 (Large) DSC_0667 (Large) DSC_0668 (Large) DSC_0725 (Large) DSC_0726 (Large) DSC_0449 (Large) DSC_0450 (Large) DSC_0451 (Large) DSC_0453 (Large) DSC_0454 (Large) DSC_0455 (Large) DSC_0456 (Large) DSC_0457 (Large) DSC_0462 (Large) DSC_0463 (Large) DSC_0464 (Large) DSC_0517 (Large) DSC_0518 (Large) DSC_0519 (Large) DSC_0520 (Large)

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