Natural Products Chemistry Training & Development Program by The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) , UN

By admin, July 26, 2016

25 july 2016

Natural Products Chemistry Training & Development Program conducted by Institute of Bioproduct Development (IBD) and funded by The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) under its Training and Development Provision has commenced today. It is also attended by Dr Rohan Perera, OPCW’s Senior International Cooperation Officer who together with Prof Ramlan Aziz (IBD’s Director) have been instrumental in forging connections between the two entities and designing the program.

Organised for the 5th year, the intensive 2.5 week program aims to train 16 professionals comprising of scientists, academicians and policy makers on the peaceful use of chemistry and in IBD’s context specifically on utilising natural resources (plants) into high value bioproducts. The knowledge transfer program will expose participants to theoritical and practical aspects of natural products chemistry and product development by leveraging on IBD’s multidisplinary eco-system and expertise. Additionally, the program involves visits to local bioproduct and bioprocessing industries.

This year’s program is participated by 16 member states namely Algeria, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Congo, Iraq, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Malaysia. To date, UTM IBD have trained 80 professionals from more than 20 member states since 2012 and the only research institute representing Malaysia offering this course.


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